The Commission is composed of 30 members - 15 appointed by the Governor of Kansas and 15 ex officio members by virtue of their position within Kansas state government. Ex officio members may appoint a designee to represent them at the KCDC meetings.
Of the appointed members, preference is given for Kansans representing each of the following categories:

  • Industry
  • Labor
  • Community-based independent living programs
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Education programs
  • Disability or rehabilitation research programs
  • Private, nonprofit organizations serving Kansans with disabilities
  • At least eight appointed members must be Kansans with disabilities. Appointed members serve for a term of three years.

Appointed Members

  • Vacant, 2017
  • Rob Eagan, Wichita, 2023
  • Dr. Stephen Miller, Parsons, 2020
  • Rick Shellenbarger, Valley Center, 2020
  • John Lair, Shawnee, 2021 
  • Claire Reagan, Olathe, 2023
  • George Beard, Kansas City, 2021
  • Jason McKenney, 2020
  • Shanti Ramcharan, Overland Park, 2021
  • Don Woodard, Auburn, 2018
  • Bob Cantin, Olathe, 2022
  • Brian Ellefson, Overland Park, 2019
  • Ranita Wilks, Lawrence, 2022
  • Marilyn Bittenbender, Lawrence, 2022
  • Vacant, 2021

Ex Officio members (and their designees)

  • Secretary, Department of Administration – DeAngela Burns-Wallace (Anthony Fadale)
  • Secretary, Department on Aging and Disability Services – Laura Howard (Janis DeBoer)
  • Secretary, Department of Commerce –David Toland (Susan Weidenbach)
  • Secretary, Department of Health and Environment – Lee Norman, MD (Heather Smith)
  • Secretary, Department of Labor – Amber Shultz (Todd Thornburg)
  • Secretary, Department of Children and Families – Laura Howard (Joshanna Stone)
  • Secretary, Department of Transportation –  Julie Lorenz (Rene Hart)
  • Commissioner, Disability and Behavioral Health Policy, Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services – Amy Penrod (Michele Heydon)
  • Director, Kansas Rehabilitation Services – Daniel Decker
  • Director of Special Education Department of Education – Bert Moore 
  • Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities – Kathy Keck, Chair 
  • Senate President – Ty Masterson (Senator Rick Billinger)
  • Senate Minority Leader – Dinah Sykes (Robyn Herzog)
  • Speaker, House of Representatives – Ron Ryckman, Jr. (Vacant)
  • Minority Leader, House of Representatives – Tom Sawyer (Representative Dennis (Boog) Highberger)