Work is fundamental to our lives and an important part of American society.  It's how we earn a living, it's how we pay for housing, food, clothing, utilities, transportation and other things we need, and it's part of how we socialize. Work also builds self-esteem making us feel good about contributing to society and being a part of the American dream.

Whether we are working, looking for work or just thinking about going to work, here are some practical and helpful resources.

With job hunting and work comes some stress.  If you feel like you need a way to relax, the Research and Training Center on Independent Living (RTCIL) Fact Sheet on Social Support might help.  

  • 988 Mental Health, Substance Use or Suicide Crisis Help Line

  • Accommodations

  • Applicant Rights

  • Apprenticeship

  • Career/Job Skills Training and Assessment

  • Computer Training

  • Certification Training

  • Disability Disclosure

  • Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace

  • Employee Rights

  • Employment Assistance

  • How do I prepare for a job hunt?

  • How do I find a job?

  • What is Supported Employment?

  • Mentoring/Internships

  • Medical Insurance

  • Military/Veteran Information

  • Self-Employment/Entrepreneurship

  • School to Work Transition

  • Transportation

  • Work and Social Security Disability

  • Employment Incentives

  • Health Insurance