High School Transition to Work

The information here is intended to help students, parents, teachers and service providers plan a smooth transition from high school to higher education, vocational training and work.  Everyone is expected to work and students with disabilities are included. It's important to use the services available in high school to best advantage. The information here on services and assistive technology will make further education and competitive, integrated work possible for students with disabilities including students with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

To help you get started, review the Passport to Independence. It has information on transition planning, services you and your student should consider applying for and the timing of when steps should be taken.

  • 988 Mental Health, Substance Use or Suicide Crisis Line

  • Advocacy

  • Assistive Technology

  • Career/Job Skills Training and Assessment

  • Financial Aid

  • Laws and Student Rights

  • Parent Education

  • Post-Secondary Education

  • Student Resources

  • Students: Plans after High School

  • Teacher Education

  • School to Work Transition