Voter Registration and Advanced Voting

To Vote in Kansas you must first be registered to vote.

Voter Registration

Each of the 105 counties in Kansas has a county election officer responsible for conducting all official elections held in the county.

All government offices that provide services to the public should also have voter registration forms. Under the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) these offices should offer voter registration when you apply for services.  There should be a voter registration site sign in the window or inside the offices.  

For Voter Registration Deadlines call your election office or county clerk's office.  In Kansas Sedgwick, Shawnee, Johnson and Wyandotte counties are large enough to have election offices.  If you live in another county, you contact your county clerk.    

Vote registration deadline for the 2020 general election in November is October 13.  

Kansas Voter Registration Form (espanol
Advanced Voting
Voting in Kansas is easier than ever. With advance voting, any registered voter can vote by mail or in person before Election Day. Go to the Secretary of State's web site for more information.  You need to scroll down on the web page in order to find the information on advance voting. 

Permanent Advance Voting - Kansans with a permanent disability can choose to vote at their accessible polling place OR vote in the privacy of their own home by being mailed an advanced ballot for each future election.
Permanent Advance Ballot Request Form (PDF) (espanol)

One-Time Advance Voting
- If you don't have a permanent disability you can still vote at home for the next election.
Advance Voting Application English (espanol)

Mail your advance ballot request form to your County Election Officer.

Voting information from the Disability Rights Center of Kansas  ( scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Voting information.
Find my Elected Official and more...
Find my Elected Official
For information on finding your legislator and go to the left side of the screen where it says,"Find your legislator". When you click on this a drop down box will appear and you follow the instructions. 

Each of the 105 counties in Kansas has a county election officer responsible for conducting all official elections held in the county.

Counties are required to post a Voter Rights and Responsibilities poster (espanol) and Notice to Voters (español) at each polling place on Election Day.

Each county maintains a list of registered voters, and the secretary of state maintains a statewide list. This data is available for purchase by filling out a CVR form.

Assistive Technology
Each county chooses its voting system from a list of equipment certified by the secretary of state. The office also compiles a list of what voting system each county uses.

To find voter registration information from poll locations to filling an absentee ballot visit: Voter View.

State law requires that the election process be accessible to all voters. Accessibility may be viewed from three perspectives: language accessibility, polling place accessibility and ballot accessibility. The disability Rights Center developed a brochure for poll workers about accessibility for people with disabilities.