Legislative Information

Legislative Information and Updates

KCDC tracks bills that may have impact on people with disabilities. To get regular legislative updates sign up for our Legislative email list. Legislative Updates are sent out weekly during the session and as needed during the interim session.

Here is the latest Legislative Update 3-28-2024.  If are following a bill on your own, you can check for updates by going directly to the Kansas Legislature page and put the bill number in the space on the right hand side that says "Track a Bill." Then click on the search button below it. If you want to call, please call the legislative hotline at 1-800-432-3924 (in-state) or 785-296-2149 (out of state or in Topeka).

Go to the official Kansas Legislature official web site for the Kansas Legislature to find rosters, committee listings, bill searches, and more. When the houses are in session, you can listen to the debate and discussion. On the main page click on the house under "Live Audio Broadcast".   The site map is very helpful for finding what you are looking for.

Legislative Advocacy

If you are new at the advocacy game or maybe just new at advocating at the legislature, you may be looking for a guide to give you tips and advice on working with the legislature. The Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas, Inc. has a great advocacy toolkit that will help.Also, if you need to know more about the legislative process, the legislative procedure document is a good way to learn more.

Calendars and Bills

To find the agenda for the House and Senate Sessions, go to the Kansas Legislative Website and look on the left side under Quick Links to Further Information for “House Calendar” and the “ Senate Calendar.”  To find a specific bill, go to the Bill Section for a listing of bills, resolutions, and executive reorganizational orders. If you click on a bill that is listed, more information will be provided.