Emergency Preparedness/Management and People with Disabilities

The information here is from state and territory Governors' Committees on Employment of People with Disabilities that pertains to how they prepared for emergencies that affect people with disabilities.  This information was provided in response to questions posed before an NAGC conference call on Emergency Preparedness on September 24, 2019.  

Kansas - This document was provided by Martha Gabehart

Maryland - Maryland - Planning for People with Disabilities and Others with Access and Functional Needs Toolkit
Emergency Kit Inventory

Massachusetts - This document was provided by Moss Lynch

TIPS For First Responders, 5th Edition (original from New Mexico)

Minnesota - This document is provided by Joan Wilshire

Missouri - This document provided by Claudia Browner
Tips for First Responders, 7th edition

Texas - Texas Function Needs Support and Services Tool Kit v 7.1
After Action Final Report
Effective Communications Toolkit
Functional Needs and Support Services White Paper Final
Texas Disability Taskforce Charter
Tx Accessibility and Disability Policy Webinar Series Announcement

Utah - Document provided by Rich Foster

Rich Foster MS 
SME Access and Functional Needs
Utah Department of Health, Division of EMS/Preparedness
801-707-7778 cell

Wisconsin - This document provided by Ramsey Lee and Sandy Popp