Bob Dole Speaks at the Dole Institute

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Dole Video Transcript

Bill Lacy: “What is your greatest accomplishment over your career?”

Bob Dole: “I think keeping in touch with the people of Kansas would be my…..well it was my job, I got paid” (laughter) “but I like people and I spent a lot of time here. But it probably was 1983 working with Senator Moynihan, a Democrat from New York, in trying to save Social Security. It was about to go broke and we had what we called the Greenspan Commission. Alan Greenspan was chairman and Pat Moynihan and I were on the committee. But we couldn’t get anything, we couldn’t agree on anything. So I remember in January of 1983 Pat and I met on the Senate floor and said we can’t let this happen. There are 30 million Americans who rely on their Social Security. So we got together and worked out a plan and then we contacted Greenspan and the result was we finally worked it out and it passed both the Senate and House.

I think another one was managing the Martin Luther King bill. Most people think it was Ted Kennedy, but it was Bob Dole. (laughter and applause) Kennedy helped.”